Demon Blackjack

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How To Play

Can you beat The Demon.

The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible but without going over 21 points,

Because then you will automatically lose the hand!

Press the 'Deal' button to start a new round:

Then based on your cards score either click the 'HIT' button or 'STAY' button

The 'HIT' button turns over a new card to your hand

The 'STAY' button stops play for you and lets the Demon play

Then it will be my turn to beat your score!

The first one to win 5 rounds will be the final winner.

Card Values

Ace (A): 11 points or 1 point if you go over 21.

Court cards (J, Q and K) = 10 points.

Rest of the deck = card points.

The card suit (♠️, ♥️, ♣️, ♦️) has no influence on the outcome.